Hi there! Welcome to my blog.

Yes, my name is Claudia. You can call me anything but “dia” because it sounds weird.

It has been 5 years since I decided to continue my education in Bandung. Yep, I am graduated from ITB. People said its a prestigious university in Indonesia because 98% of the graduates will land a great job in Indonesia cool. I must be the 2% lol.

I love doing business ever since I was in primary school. In Bandung, I bought a car with scholarship money and decide to provide a car rental service for ITB students , then for public one year later till today. Besides, I also love to explore new places, experience the culture, and enjoy the local food of course!

I make this blog because I receive a lot of DMs asking about the itinerary. Therefore, I hope you enjoy reading My Shits sealed




Building Memories

“Jobs fill your pocket, Adventure fill your Soul” 

No Distance Is too Far

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